Market Watch (2015:Q2)

Summary of fund level launches, closures, mergers and name changes in the industry.

Morningstar 07 August, 2015 | 5:32PM

Since the first entry of unit trusts vehicles in the financial industry, the number and variety of funds available to investors has evolved and exploded. The industry started with less than 5 funds available for sale in South Africa to investors in the 1960’s; in 2015, funds available for sale have grown to just over a 1200 funds. The growing spectrum of funds tailors to a wide variety of investors with different risk profiles and time horizons. Keeping track of fund launches and closures may be difficult for an average investors.


The information below captures these movements.



Quarter 2, 2015


Fund level movements from March 1 2015 to  June 30 2015.

Launched Funds: Funds in this table were launched in the 2nd quarter of the year.


Fund Legal Name


ABSA Smart Alpha Equity Fund ZAE000198487
ABSA Smart Alpha Flexible Balanced Fund ZAE000198461
ABSA Smart Alpha Income Fund ZAE000198446
ABSA Smart Alpha Property Fund ZAE000205399
ABSA Wealth Preserver Plus Fund ZAE000198420
Anchor BCI Flexible Income Fund ZAE000202917
APS Global Flexible Fund of Funds IE00BWSW4V06
Argon BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund ZAE000201919
BCI Best Blend Global Property Fund ZAE000203089
Coronation Global Equity Select [ZAR] Feeder Fund ZAE000202115
Cratos BCI Equity Fund ZAE000202313
Discovery Target Retirement 2050 Fund ZAE000204905
Discovery Worldwide Best Ideas Fund ZAE000204913
Evolve BCI Managed Fund ZAE000195285
Moore Stephens Ci Balanced Fund of Funds ZAE000198222
Moore Stephens Ci Growth Fund of Funds ZAE000198180
Moore Stephens Ci Stable Fund of Funds ZAE000198131
PFPS Ci Balanced Fund of Funds ZAE000198248
PFPS Ci Cautious Fund of Funds ZAE000198149
PFPS Ci Moderate Fund of Funds ZAE000198198
Renaissance BCI Global Best Ideas FF ZAE000202040
Rezco Stable Fund ZAE000204814
Seed Income Fund ZAE000206439
SIM Global Emerging Market Fund IE00BWVG2483
SouthChester IP Optimum Income Fund ZAE000194866
Tower Capital Flexible Prescient Fund ZAE000203295
Warwick MET Equity Fund ZAE000204335




Merged Funds: Funds in this table merged from an old fund into another fund in 2nd quarter of the year.


Fund Legal Name ISIN1 Merged into ISIN2
Baobab BCI Aggressive Flexible Fund ZAE000175584 Baobab BCI Flexible Opportunity C ZAE000198578
Clarus MET Optimal Fund ZAE000078960 Contego B7 MET Growth Equity A ZAE000161337
Clarus MET Real Income Fund ZAE000090064 Contego B1 MET Income Plus A ZAE000161329
Sanlam Investment Management Index Fund ZAE000021432 SIM General Equity R ZAE000021416



Liquidated/Dead Funds: Funds in this table liquidated in the fund in 2nd quarter of the year and have ceased operations. Investors are no longer invested in these funds.


Fund Legal Name
IP Balanced Protector Fund ZAE000138996
Prescient Income Saver Fund ZAE000148953
VAM International ex-USA Growth Fund LU0686488825



Name changes: Funds that have changed their respective legal name in 2nd quarter of the year.


Old Legal Name New Legal Name
UAM MET Balanced Fund UAM BCI Balanced Fund




1 ISIN code of Fund’s Primary Share Class

2 ISIN code of Merged Fund’s Primary Share Class


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