Market Watch (2015:Q1)

Summary of fund level launches, closures, mergers and name changes in the industry.

Morningstar 21 May, 2015 | 10:24AM

Since the first entry of unit trusts vehicles in the financial industry, the number and variety of funds available to investors has evolved and exploded. The industry started with less than 5 funds available for sale in South Africa to investors in the 1960’s; in 2015, funds available for sale have grown to just over a 1200 funds. The growing spectrum of funds tailors to a wide variety of investors with different risk profiles and time horizons. Keeping track of fund launches and closures may be difficult for an average investors.


The information below captures these movements.



Quarter 1, 2015


Fund level movements from January 1 2015 to  March 31 2015.

Launched Funds: Funds in this table were launched in the 1st quarter of the year.


Fund Legal Name ISIN1
1st Fusion Ci Guarded Fund ZAE000199931
1st Fusion Ci Temperate Fund ZAE000199956
African Alliance Equity Prescient Fund ZAE000200994
African Alliance SA S&P GIVI Equity Prescient Fund ZAE000201000
Allan Gray SA Equity Fund ZAE000202396
Anchor BCI Managed Fund ZAE000200598
Anchor BCI SA Equity Fund ZAE000195251
API BCI Managed Fund of Funds ZAE000195301
API BCI Stable Fund of Funds ZAE000195319
API BCI Worldwide Opportunities Fund of Funds ZAE000195327
Autus BCI Global Equity ZAE000199162
Bovest BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund of Funds ZAE000199170
Cartesian BCI Money Market ZAE000199840
Citadel SA Protected Equity H4 Fund ZAE000195814
ClucasGray Equilibrium Prescient Fund ZAE000193744
Corion Prime Growth Fund ZAE000202008
Corion Prime Stable Fund ZAE000201992
Megafin SCI Balanced Fund of Funds ZAE000200960
Megafin SCI Growth Fund of Funds ZAE000200978
Megafin SCI Stable Fund of Funds ZAE000200952
Multi Asset IP Balanced Defensive Fund ZAE000193819
Multi Asset IP Balanced Fund ZAE000193835
Multi Asset IP Balanced Plus Fund ZAE000193850
Old Mutual Core Diversified Fund ZAE000201778
Old Mutual Moderate Balanced Fund ZAE000194973
STANLIB ALBI Bond Index Tracker Fund ZAE000202438
STANLIB MM Shari'ah Balanced Fund of Funds ZAE000202537
Trésor SCI Balanced Fund ZAE000198891
Trésor SCI Flexible Fund ZAE000198909
Trésor SCI Income Fund ZAE000198875
Trésor SCI Stable Fund ZAE000198883
Warwick MET Property Fund ZAE000200879


Merged Funds: Funds in this table merged from an old fund into another fund in 1st quarter of the year.


Fund Legal Name ISIN1 Merged into ISIN2
Grindrod RAFI® Enhanced SA Strategy Fund ZAE000163796     Grindrod Equity Income Growth ZAE000180071
Select Manager MET Equity Fund of Funds ZAE000071908     Select Manager MET Flexible Equity A ZAE000131306

Liquidated/Dead Funds: Funds in this table liquidated in the fund in 4th quarter of the year and have ceased operations. Investors are no longer invested in these funds.

Fund Legal Name ISIN1
Efficient BCI Prudential Low Fund of Funds ZAE000143129
Lloyds Money Fund GB0005222582
Lloyds Money Fund AUD GB0005225593
Lloyds Money Fund EURO GB0004453337
Lloyds Money Fund NZD GB0005225601
Melville Douglas Income Fund Limited Euro Income Class JE00B4ZDVX10
Plexus RAFI® Enhanced Global Strategy Fund GG00B3PY1591
Prescient Optimised Growth Fund of Funds ZAE000158176
Sygnia Alpha Plus Fund ZAE000176277
Verso Global Flexible Fund IE00B8JGD490


Name changes: Funds that have changed their respective legal name in 1st quarter of the year.


Old Legal Name New Legal Name
Centaur MET Balanced Fund Centaur BCI Balanced Fund
Centaur MET Flexible Fund Centaur BCI Flexible Fund
Grindrod Global Property Income Fund Grindrod Global Property Income Feeder Fund
Prescient Equity Active Quant Fund Prescient Equity Fund
Saffron MET Opportunity Income Fund Saffron MET Opportunity Income Fund
Sanlam Namibia Low Equity Fund Sanlam Namibia All Namibian Fund


1 ISIN code of Fund’s Primary Share Class

2 ISIN code of Merged Fund’s Primary Share Class


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