Market Watch (2014:Q4)

Summary of fund level launches, closures, mergers and name changes in the industry.

Morningstar 17 February, 2015 | 4:56PM

Since the first entry of unit trusts vehicles in the financial industry, the number and variety of funds available to investors has evolved and exploded. The industry started with less than 5 funds available for sale in South Africa to investors in the 1960’s; in 2014, funds available for sale have grown to just over a 1200 funds. The growing spectrum of funds tailors to a wide variety of investors with different risk profiles and time horizons. Keeping track of fund launches and closures may be difficult for an average investors.


The information below captures these movements.



Quarter 4, 2014


Fund level movements from October 1 2014 to  December 31 2014.

Launched Funds: Funds in this table were launched in the 4th quarter of the year.

Fund Legal NameISIN1
BCI Flexible Fund ZAE000198032
Bovest BCI Conservative Fund of Funds ZAE000196622
Bovest BCI Managed Fund of Funds ZAE000196606
Brackenham SCI Managed Fund ZAE000197927
Celtis BCI Managed Fund of Funds ZAE000194882
Dolberg Spencer BCI Equity Fund ZAE000195244
Evolve BCI Conservative Fund ZAE000195293
Rebalance BCI Inflation Plus 3 Fund ZAE000195210
Rebalance BCI Inflation Plus 5 Fund ZAE000195228
Rebalance BCI Inflation Plus 7 Fund ZAE000195236
Rock Capital IP Top 20 Global Fund ZAE000195525
Tantalum BCI Cautious Fund ZAE000194916
Tantalum BCI Strategic Income Fund ZAE000194890
True North IP Enhanced Property Fund ZAE000195855


Merged Funds: Funds in this table merged from an old fund into another fund in 4th quarter of the year. 

Fund Legal NameISIN1Merged intoISIN2
Brackenham MET Managed ZAE000140521 Brackenham SCI Managed ZAE000197927
Catalyst Global Real Estate GG00B691NB78 Catalyst Global Rel Est UCITS A USD Acc IE00BQV0ML58


Liquidated/Dead Funds: Funds in this table liquidated in the fund in 4th quarter of the year and have seized operations. Investors are no longer invested in these funds.

No funds were liquidated at a fund level in the 4th quarter of this year.


Name changes: Funds that have changed their respective legal name in 4th quarter of the year.

Old Legal NameNew Legal Name
Discovery Global Contrarian Equity Feeder Fund Discovery Global Value Equity Feeder Fund
MET Worldwide Opportunities Fund of Funds BCI Worldwide Opportunities Fund of Funds



1 ISIN code of Fund’s Primary Share Class

2 ISIN code of Merged Fund’s Primary Share Class


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