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Short Term
Fees & Details
 Fund NameMorningstar
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3 Yr
Std Dev
1 Yr
3 Yr
5 Yr
10 Yr
Franklin Biotechnology Discv W(acc)USDAverage28.1412.4710.9713.4329.7221.09
Franklin Biotechnology Discv Z(acc)USDAverage28.1312.2910.7712.7929.1120.81
Franklin Biotechnology Discv A(acc)USDAverage28.1311.9610.1412.5728.9620.74
Franklin Biotechnology Discv C(acc)USDAverage28.1411.569.4911.9228.2220.05
Franklin Biotechnology Discv N(acc)USDAverage28.1311.439.3111.7328.0219.85
Franklin Biotechnology Discv B(acc)USDAverage28.1211.088.7111.1227.2919.18
Franklin Technology W(acc)EURAverage17.4124.4628.3525.9629.1318.24
Franklin Technology W(acc)USDAverage17.2424.9828.6925.9929.1018.21
Franklin Technology A(acc)USDAverage17.2524.3727.7225.0028.3217.85
Franklin Technology A(acc)EURAverage17.3623.9027.3325.0028.2717.84
ABSA Property Equity AAverage11.2413.3712.6123.4820.3517.45
Franklin Technology C(acc)USDAverage17.2123.9826.9824.2927.6017.16
Franklin Technology N(acc)USDAverage17.1923.8126.8024.0727.3716.97
Franklin Technology N(acc)EURAverage17.3523.3526.4224.0827.3616.96
Coronation Industrial PHigh10.9612.816.6211.2919.2716.73
Franklin Technology B(acc)USDAverage17.1723.3326.0123.3526.6616.31
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip Eq Q EURAbove Average17.1418.0621.1922.0628.5615.96
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip Eq Q GBPAbove Average17.1818.5221.6922.0528.8315.88
Templeton Thailand W(acc)USDAverage14.7115.1115.0614.8718.9215.77
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip Eq Q USDAbove Average17.3218.1321.1622.0628.9015.70
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Fund prices are updated every weekday after the close of trading. Fund returns are based upon Nav to Nav or Bid to Bid income reinvested basis. Performance figures are presented in Rand (ZAR).